Zimbabwe Salimba Estate AA Plus

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Think: Nuts, Cocoa, Wine

Varietals: SL-28, Catimor-129 and Costa Rica-95

Region: Zimbabwe

Altitude: 853 MASL

Process: Washed, Dried in Cascade troughs


The Salimba Estate sits beside Mount Selinda on Zimbabwe’s eastern border, at the edge of the Chirinda Forest Botanical Reserve—the southernmost tropical rainforest in Africa.The estate was established in 1944, and coffee trees were added in 1980. Today, 430 acres of the estate are cultivated with the coffee varietals SL-28, Catimor-129 and Costa Rica-95. The estate has 23 permanent staff members and 92 part-time workers. During the harvest season, employment on the farm swells, as about 800 contract workers from neighboring villages are brought in to help pick. The estate maintains a strict age minimum of 18 and strives to conduct its hiring process as free of discrimination as possible.
The facilities on the estate are extensive and support a wide range of activities and needs for the workers and villagers. There is a 13-bed medical clinic that is staffed by two nurses who are registered by the state and a doctor visits regularly. Six of the beds are in a male ward, another 6 in a female ward and a single bed is in a maternity room. The closest hospital is 9.4 miles away and, in the case of a referral to the hospital, the estate provides transportation both to and from the hospital.

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