Nicaragua La Fuente Microlot

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Think: Fruity apple tea with honey, Sweet lemon candy

Region: Jinotega

Varietals: Red Catuai, Caturra, Pacamara

Process: Washed and Natural

Altitude: 1400 Masl


What makes this coffee so so special?
This is one of the most unique coffee’s we have ever roasted here at Tache. I kid you not when you brew this coffee on drip or pour over you would believe that you are drinking a fruity apple tea with honey and not coffee. It’s really that amazing! We are more than thrilled to have the opportunity to offer this incredible direct trade microlot in our line up this year.

About the Farm:
Sabine and his wife Maria Jesus live in a small village of farmers who produce both coffee and vegetables at the highest altitudes of Jinotega. When you visit their farm you may still see Sabino using two oxen to pull a cart or to plow a field before planting. They have five children named Edis, Sabino Vladimir, Kenia, Belccis, and Cristian.
They have abundant raised beds for both drying coffee and selecting out imperfections. Gold Mountain CoffeeGrowers worked with Sabino’s father, Don Jose, before he passed away, and Don Sabino hopes to continue his father’s coffee farming legacy. The attention he pays to the many details involved with coffee production bodes-well for their ability to consistently produce high-scoring microlots. They aspire to plant more coffee and to implement new and more efficient techniques. They says that these improvements will allow them to hire more workers and make renovations on their farm, which has excellent altitude and climatological conditions for coffee production.

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