Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira

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Think: Coriander, Plum, Cola

Region: Campos das Vertentes, South of Minas GeriasVarietals: Acaiá, Yellow Catucaí, Catiguá MG2, Paraíso, Pacamara

Process: Natural

Brew Method: We think y’all would like using the Kalita Wave.  A 1:16 ratio is on point.

Certified Organic and Fair Trade


What is a Whiskerina?! In Beard and Mustache competitions a Whiskerina is a woman who creates a beard using realistic looking hair or materials of different types to be more artistic. They compete in competitions all over the world.

What makes this coffee so so special?
Cachoeira (meaning “waterfall”), is owned and operated by 6th generation Coffee producer Miriam Monteiro de Aguiar. Miriam takes social and environmental sustainability seriously. She advocates for women in the coffee industry by serving as an active member of the International Women Coffee Alliance and is on the board of directors for the Brazilian Organic Coffee Association. She is also an immense source of knowledge and an expert in organic farming with a Master’s degree in Rural Development. Fazenda Cachoeira has a modern cupping lab where Miriam is licensed Q-grader. Mairam might not be a competitive whiskerina herself but the work she does for woman in coffee definitely earns her a spot in our women produced whiskerina series.

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